Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What is Romance?

Everyone has a different idea what romance means. I guess my viewpoint is coiled. I write romance and I think I'm pretty good at making characters fall in love. Okay, that's not real life, I know. I think there's nothing more special than love with all of its frilly trimmings and benefits. When two people meet, and they are attracted to each other, feelings blossom. The trick is, keeping those warm emotions alive. How easy is it to forget what brought you together with this person in the first place? Very...right? 

So, you must arm yourself with a romantic point-of-view. Here are some great ways to show that special someone just how much they mean to you. Do you have pen and paper ready? Here goes...

1. Write a letter. Yes, I do mean "letter." Not a text. Don't use bad handwriting or grammar as an excuse...please and thank you. Print if you can't write in cursive worth a darn. And a dictionary is very handy. This will mean a lot to someone, and they can keep it forever.

2. When your sweetie is in a bad mood, don't try to fix the problem as much as simply listening. Let him/her know that you're there for them. When you sense that her mood has lightened, use your special talent and make her smile.

3. Play truth or dare. This is a game that can bring about lots of open doors and windows for laughter and hanky-panky.

4. Date night. Surprise your loved one with a romantic dinner. Share a bottle of wine. Scatter rose petals on the bed. Light candles.

5. Feed each other fruit. Grapes are perfect. Strawberries, too. Wanna take it up  notch? Play hide-the grape...if you get my point.

Enjoy each other...

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