Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shut Your Mouth!!!

The great thing about being in a relationship is having someone to share everything with. But what happens when one becomes too comfortable and starts hurting their partner's feelings?

These are some things I think we should never say to our partner.

1. "Wow, you look cute!" First, if a woman says this to a man, I bet the first thing he will do is run and change. No man wants to be 'cute.' Women feel the same way. Cute is for a puppy and kitten, not for an adult.

2. "We need to talk." Four words that I bet make your butt pucker. What follows them can only be doom. Want to see your man sweat? Tell him these words. Although remember, once he hears this, his brain will shut down.

3. "It's just a game." Anyone who loves sports will freak out upon hearing this. Sport outcomes play a huge role in a person's mood. Some people live their life wrapped around sports entertainment.

4. "It's only a purse." Not all purses are created equally. If you tell a woman this, her mouth will drop. This goes for heels and jewelry too.

5. "I'm okay." If you say this, it means exactly the opposite. And a partner will realize this. There's nothing worse than feeling like you're being blocked. Sharing means caring.

6. "You're just like your mom." Although far worse things have been said, I'm sure, this is a put-down for not only your partner, but to his/her mom. Most men and women are protective over their parents.

7. "Size doesn't matter." If you love someone, size shouldn't matter. However, choose your words wisely. If you're a man who stares at a woman with Double D's then you turn to your partner and say, "I don't mind that you are only a B-cup," you're probably going to get slapped. Same for a man, if a woman is constantly talking about big tools, he may start to wonder how he compares.

8. "Which outfit should I wear?" This is a question with no simple answer. When a man asks a woman what he should wear, he probably won't like it. If a man offers advice on what his partner should wear, you can almost guarantee she will not like it. Save the grief. Look in the mirror :)