Monday, April 15, 2013

What's wrong with my Hooha ?!?!

Maybe it's not politically correct to talk about hoohas and the issues that come along with them, but aren't
we all adults here? If you're not 18+, hit the road kid and come back when you're old enough. Anyway, talking about the female anatomy shouldn't be embarrassing or sick to anyone. Vajay-jays are actually quite sexy, right? Okay...that's a long shot for some, considering I don't think a penis is very cute either. However, what I think is sexy is the action these parts are made for....noooooo, not for urinating. The other action. SEX. Yet, these parts of a woman's body can get sick sometimes. Do they need extra TLC? Sure they do.

I was sitting in  a restaurant the other day and the ladies sitting in the booth behind me were talking about their hooha. One of them asked, "Is it normal for me to have to pee when I'm having sex?" After a long hesitation, the other lady answered, "I think so..." I had to bite my tongue not to turn around and say, "I hear it's normal when a man reaches a woman's G-spot that she may have a sensation to pee." I decided it was best not to say anything. I wasn't stalking their conversation, although it would have seemed strange to them to have a stranger pop into their vajay-jay conversation.

Most women are comfortable talking to friends about their hooha. After all, if you have a question on whether something is normal, who better to ask than a person who has the same parts? If you're a man and you have a penis problem, who would you ask? You could ask your wife or GF, but in actuality, a woman probably wouldn't know what it feels like.

Rule of thumb: A vajay-jay should never itch, hurt or smell yucky. And for men, the penis should never itch, hurt or smell yucky. Common sense, right? And seriously, it's normal to have a sensation to pee when a man is inside. 

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