Friday, April 5, 2013

The kiss of a soul mate

How important is that first kiss between two people? I believe a person can tell a lot about someone when
their lips meet for the first time. It also is a window into whether or not they're romantically fit. If that first kiss turns out wrong, it can change the future in  a negative way. With all this pressure on the importance of kissing, you better hope you're doing it right. I personally don't think there are bad kissers or good kissers. If there's a connection between a couple, the kiss will compare to a sweet electrical shock that leaves every spot on your body alive and needy. First kisses shouldn't be rushed, or planned. They should be completely spontaneous, when the mood is perfectly right. If you're kissing the one, you'll want to touch her face, take subtle peeks at how beautiful she is with your lips on her and you'll have the desire to make the moment last forever. A first kiss isn't just experienced on the lips. It touches every part of the body. Run your hands down her back and along her hips. Show her that she is the only one...and if she is, this won't be difficult because she'll know by the feeling in the pit of her stomach.

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