Thursday, April 11, 2013

Men and Orgasms

As a woman I have no idea how a man feels when he has an orgasm. I write about it, but do I really understand what his feelings are? No. I figure it must be similar to a woman's orgasm but with different pipes, the water must travel in different paths. I'm sure everyone, some time in a relationship, has asked their partner, "How did your orgasm feel?" I believe we're also curious how our body feels to our lover. Talking orgasm, women have it pretty lucky compared to men. We are more likely to have multiple O's, and they last longer.

 Can men have multiple O's? Researching the subject, this is what I found...

1. Did you know that most men hold their breath when they get close to an O? Big mistake. Instead, keep breathing for a better climax.

2. Kegel exercises are popular for women. They help in strengthening the muscles of the vajay-jay. Did you know that men should do these also? Don't know where it is, men? If you can stop your urine mid-stream, then you have found your PC muscle. Once you know where it is, then you can squeeze and release it. And the best thing? No one knows you're doing it, unless you're doing it very wrong. Now, during sex, let yourself go to the point of no return, but don't go all the way by squeezing the PC muscle,. Pull yourself back. Then continue this cycle a few times and see the difference it makes when you finally let loose.

3. Ejaculation and the big O aren't the same thing. Men can have an O but not ejaculate. can ejaculate and not experience an O. Learn the difference.

4.  The most important thing is...relax! Uptight muscles cause parts of the body not to function like they should. 

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