Friday, April 12, 2013

Classy not trashy

I always put a lot of thought in what my heroine's wear, especially on a date with their hero...who eventually
will become their lover. Real life isn't much different than one of the story lines I write. Life should be all about having fun and being classy--not trashy. A classy lady doesn't just give it away. She makes a man work for it (not saying she can't have sex with him, she just doesn't want to give it all away too soon). On date one and two, she dresses classy. A little bit of cleavage and leg goes a long way. This is a perfect time for a woman to get an idea if she wants to get to know him better. These two dates would be great for dinner, a conversation over coffee and/or a drink. Dates three and four, she must step it up a bit. At this point, she knows she wants to see more of him, but she doesn't need or want to rush. She dresses casual and they should do something fun. This way he can get to know a different side to her. A nice-fitting pair of jeans and a shirt that gives a subtle view of cleavage is a great pick. Bowling, a walk on the beach, a movie, pizza and beer, skydiving, bungee jumping...choose something that will keep you both laughing and having a good time. Date five. This is the big one in terms of moving things forward. She should dress sultry. Deeper cleavage is okay, but sultry doesn't mean trashy. It means sexy. Show a little more leg. Wear your hair wild and down along your shoulders. This may even be the date you wear the sexy lingerie you've been waiting to show off. Sex doesn't have to happen at this point, but you should be feeling the heat. If you aren't, you may rethink if you're more friends than lovers, but passion means there's a connection. From this stage on, it either dwindles or it shines.

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