Friday, June 14, 2013

Ball ironing...

When George Clooney said he'd never had his face done, but spent his money on his balls...having them ironed to remove the wrinkles...I bet most people who heard that statement laughed but wonder if he's telling the truth. Believe it or not, there is such a procedure as "scrotum lift."  Is this something similar to a breast lift in women? Hmm...aren't a man's testicles supposed to be wrinkled? I mean, I've heard that men get darker down "there" as they age, but I didn't know the wrinkles were an issue.

The largest known testical weighed in at 100 pounds, belonging to a 48 year old man from Las Vegas. The man said he had to urinate on himself and wear hoodies as underwear. That brings a whole new meaning to blue balls.

When it comes to it, pain in the testicles are never a laughing matter. Men should perform monthly self-exams and always tell a doctor if he's in pain.

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