Saturday, June 1, 2013

Welcome Guest Stella Maddox

I'm thrilled to have lovely Stella Maddox visiting. Thank you for dropping by.Stellatwitter.jpg

Stella is giving away A Thousand Tiny Cracks. One lucky winner who comments will win a copy of her book. You autographed print book or an ebook. Contest runs until June 2nd at midnight.

Book blub:
There were a thousand tiny cracks in her protective coating, but it only took the right one for the entire shell to fall away…
Stella Maddox is approaching forty. After sacrificing her career to become a stay-at-home mom, her marriage and life disintegrate. Birthdays don’t bother her, but screaming kids, superficial friends, and grey hairs do. She compromises her spirit over and over, and finds herself slipping through the cracks as her family’s lives take priority over her own.

She strikes up a friendship with her neighbor’s college-age son, Tad. Stella desires his company, but faces the possibility of destabilizing her marriage and family for an outlet to ease her loneliness. As the bond with her husband frays, she must decide when a connection becomes an affair, what actions she can live with, and which pieces inside she can still claim for herself.

Stella is trapped in a cage that she worked most of her life to build.

Tell us a little about yourself?

My husband describes me as intimidating, but I can usually shut him up. I used to be a chemical engineer. Eight years ago, I left my career to stay at home with our children. Now, my entire life is defined as either mom to my 3 kids or as my husband’s wife. I’m just the ghost in the background who keeps everyone else’s life going.

When did you start writing?

I started writing after my first child was born as a way to channel my frustration and loneliness. My expectations of motherhood in no way resembled reality. My baby was colicky and difficult. My husband and I disagreed over how to handle her. Balancing my engineering career with the baby was difficult. Even surrounded by family and friends, I felt completely alone.

Do you write full-time or do you work a dirty day job?

Neither. I’m a stay-at-home mom who happened to write a book. Writers write for a living or as a discipline. I write because I have no other choice. I’m very non-verbal, so writing allows me to communicate feelings I can’t speak. It’s easier for me to put emotion onto a page than it is for me to express it in real life.

Do you believe in love at first sight, or love must blossom?

I believe in immediate chemistry, both physical and emotional. Falling in love comes with time, but I can’t imagine falling in love without that extra tingle. Passion is one of the few things that make the rest of this life tolerable. If the chemistry isn’t there from the beginning, I think you can still love someone, but it isn’t equivalent.

What is your most uncomfortable moment?

I had an extremely uncomfortable conversation with my mother-in-law after she read the book. I don’t write erotica, but there are some very descriptive sex scenes and I think she had trouble separating me personally from the character. The book character isn’t me. We share similarities, but she is a compilation of my disappointments and weaknesses.

Name Your 5 Temptations... (I couldn’t come up with 10. Other than #5, they’re the things that attract me most in another person, although a person holding chocolate almonds would probably have my undivided attention as well.)
1 A challenge
2 Intelligence
3 Sarcasm
4 Determination
5 Dove Dark Chocolate Almonds

Pet: Cat or dog? Cats. Two Persians, to be precise.

Material: cashmere, silk, cotton or denim? Cotton. I love the sexy girl-next-door look.

Hair length: long, shoulder, shaggy, short or bald? For men, I’m attracted to short hair.

Eye color: brown, blue, green or hazel? I’m not attracted to one over the other. Mine are green.

Performing arts: 0pera, ballet, Broadway or symphony? I love the occasional Broadway musical, but honestly, I’d usually prefer to go see a movie.

Jewelry: diamonds, pearls, jade or rhinestones? I’m not a jewelry girl. Buy me running shoes or a book.

Flowers: orchids, roses, lilies or daisies? None of the above. Yellow tulips. They’re delicate and don’t last, but they’re beautiful.

Alcoholic beverage: Champagne, wine, whisky or beer? Tequila. I don’t drink often, but when I do, it’s with intent.

Non-alcoholic beverage: coffee, tea, soda or water? I don’t drink caffeine at all. On a daily basis, I stick with water, but I allow myself to cheat occasionally with an IBC root beer.

Weather: sunny, cloudy or rainy? I love stormy autumn days. There is nothing I enjoy more than curling up in a bulky sweater with a good book and listening to the thunder.


  1. Nice piece, Rhonda. I've already read Tiny Cracks and enjoyed it very much. As a guy, I find it as hard to express my feelings on paper at I do verbally. Stella doesn't have that problem.

    I'm glad she led me to your site. You have a great bio, I'll be signing up for updates.

    1. Nice to meet you. I'm glad you dropped by. I look forward to seeing you again.