Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cowboys do it best!

There's more to a cowboy than nice fitting jeans, hat, worn boots and a look of bad-ass in his eye. When we think of the American Wild West, most produce an image of guns, horses, cattle and gunfights--and mostly cowboys wandering along the rugged, dangerous countryside. Has the image of a cowboy changed over time? Probably so...

These days, we may not find our cowboy hero strolling horseback along the frontier, but one thing we maintain is the integrity and tough quality of a gentleman who'd not only fight for his land and life, but those he loves.  Writing a cowboy hero isn't always easy, but it can be fun. And they have their shirts off quite often.

My specialty is writing men who love to get their hands dirty: firefighters, policemen, ghosthunters, farmers, military and you guessed it...cowboys.

My first cowboy book, Second Chance Cowboy, was a story of lost love. Chance had lost the most important things in life and buried himself neck-deep in ranching,along the way becoming distant and crude . Sometimes, it takes a helluva woman to find a man's good qualities...and a case of amnesia. Second chances come when one least expects it, and when Chance sees his opportunity for a new life with an old love, he saddles his horse for the rodeo. Chance was a tough and rough cowboy, honest and straightforward, sexy and stealth. What more could a reader want from a hero?

Not only did a love story grow, but secondary characters stole the hearts of readers. I received message after message asking me if there would be a second book to Second Chance Cowboy. Not just any story, they wanted Duke and Lila's story. So, what does a writer do with a readers' needs? They give them what they want. And Second Ride Cowboy was born. The beginning will tease readers, maybe even break their heart a little, but in the end, everyone should be left with a smile and desire to see Leslie's story. Yes, there is a third book in the making.

For those who haven't read Second Chance Cowboy, now is the time. And Second Ride Cowboy will be released at the end of this month in eBook and Print. The third book is due out later this year.

Second Chance Cowboy is available at Amazon. 

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