Friday, December 14, 2012

12 Sexy Days of Christmas

I love the holidays. What better time to be grateful for the things we are blessed with. Life is all about enjoyment. Here are some Holiday-spirited ideas that can make the countdown to Christmas much sweeter.

On the first day...Hang the mistletoe everywhere. Borrow the old tradition and hang them in every door. Who doesn't love sweet kisses from their partner?

Sexy Christmas : the very muscular  bronzed handsome sexy Santa Claus on white  background, isolatedOn the second day...Put on something sexy and invite him into the kitchen to help cook a meal. Wear only an apron. But if you like a little clothing, grab one of his white tees and put it on--sans panties. Imagine the peek-a-boo every time you bend to open the stove door. Before you know it, something else will be steaming.

On the third day...schedule a couple's massage. Relieve the stress of the holidays together. If you want a more intimate massage, do it yourself. Using an oil, spread it over his back and let your fingers work his muscles. He'll be ready to return the favor.

On the fourth a "toy" as a stocking stuffer. Better yet, buy a pair of panties with a built in vibrator. Hand him the remote control and tell him, "Open the package on Christmas morning." He'll be as anxious as a new pup by the time Christmas arrives. When the morning finally comes, wear the panties and tell him to switch it on to find the surprise.

On the fifth day...grab a Christmas quickie. The family is in the next room and you and your partner sneak away to the bathroom for a quick sprucing. The threat of being caught is a turn on for most couples.

On the sixth day...blow off some holiday steam with a wrestling match. Yup, you read correctly. Put some towels down, get naked, pour oil on each other and go at it. See who calls truce first.

Sexy Christmas : Sexy athletic man in erotic christmas costume show desire isolatedOn the seventh day...whisper your most secret fantasy in his ear. The holiday will have a whole new meaning.

On the eighth day...write out sexy coupons. After writing sexual favors on strips of paper, attach them to the candy canes on the Christmas tree. Have kids? Then hide them in places only he can find and make it a sexy treasure hunt.

On the ninth day...cozy up. Start a fire in the fireplace, pop the top to a bottle of wine and cuddle up to your fave person. Make it more special by telling him how much he means to you.

On the tenth day...go old-fashioned and write a letter. Yeah folks...a letter. You know...pen and paper? Texting is nice, but taking the time to write down a few words lets a woman know that she's worth the effort. Try it and see.

On the eleventh day...try the Cuban Plunge position. When she's on top, have her bring her legs over your shoulders and her knees should be to her chest. This position elongates her vagina and allows deeper penetration.

On the twelfth day... if you're already married have a private, two person ceremony. Marry each other all over again by stating your vows, or new ones that fit your relationship. What could be better than affirming your love on one of the most special days of the year?


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