Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Nookie

Yes, you read right. "Christmas Nookie." The greatest gift of all is love and each day we have the opportunity to show the one we love how much quality they bring into our life. The Holiday's are a time known for "giving." They also are a time when many people are like walking time bombs with the moment of explosion nearing. Why allow shopping, traffic, or Grinches who stole Christmas to steal our thunder? The greatest stress reliever is right at your fingertips...snuggling with your partner. I'm visualizing all of the sighs and *head to desk* that I'm getting. Some of you may even be heading for the x at the top of the screen. Stop! Give me a chance.

Who can deny that lovemaking is as important in a relationship as communication, trust and brushing your teeth and showering? For some, sex ranks as top priority, even above brushing. Why? besides the obvious, it feels good. It triggers all of the happy nerve endings in our body and sends a quick spurt of legal drug to the brain. Here are some tips to add a bit of "Christmas Spirit" to the bedroom and less stress everywhere else.

1. You deserve a few O's today. Yup, I'm talking the big O. One that makes your toes curl and your eyes roll back into your head. Not only is id good for releasing pent up stress, but it also adds a glow to your skin--because we all hit the eggnog, candy, heavy foods and alcohol more this time of year.

2. Dress in red. The color goes hand in hand with the Holiday, but it also sends signals to the brain. It's the color of energy, passion and action. It exudes a strong masculine energy, drawing attention from men. It is the color of sexuality and promotes lust. So, go for red and see what happens.

3. Have a quick romp. I understand that most of us want the intimate hour-long lovemaking session with a large dose of cuddling afterward. However, when the restraints of time are like a damper on the libido, then make the most of what you got. Sneak off into the bathroom for a five-minute "break." Put a Christmas movie in for the kids and tiptoe to the laundry room. Start a load of laundry and "tumble" dry. What kid disturbs a parent in the laundry room? They steer clear of any room where they might be encouraged, or forced, to work.

4. Add in some extras. Sex is all about fun. Introduce your partner to your battery-operated "friends." Uhh...no friends of pleasure? Then use everyday items like honey, chocolate, caramel and whipped topping. Feel a little friskier? Try clothespins, just be sure they don't clamp too tightly. That could be extreme in a bad way. Smack him on the bottom and murmur something sweetly erotic in his ear.

5. Speak dirty. A lot of people believe dirty talk means screaming then bursting out in f-bombs and language your partner needs a thesaurus to understand . In fact,. some men are turned off by cursing. Murmuring how much you want him or how good he makes you feel is enough to get your point across.

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