Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Movie Addiction

My long weekend was spent in front of the Hallmark channel watching Christmas movies...

I don't know what it is, but I'm addicted to these sentimental, tear-jerkers. I don't even like commercialized TV. What's wrong with me? These shows are taking my attention away from sexy erotic characters and my word count, which is suffering at the moment, just to let you know. This has got to end ! After all, how many Santa's falling in love with elves, mistletoe and memory couples, gotta find true love before the holiday, and buy-my-date for Christmas then fall-in-love-with-my-bought date movies can I possibly watch before I tire? By the looks of the Hallmark line-up it could take a while. Ahhhh !!!

By the way, these movies are nothing like the books that I write...or are they? Take out the steamy lovemaking and they're pretty much the same. It's all about romance, right? As a writer of steamy romance though, I get to play dirty (in my books that is). Trust me, if anything can be considered "dirty" in my life it's the kitchen floor that requires constant mopping from little feet traffic. Okay, back to the subject...

I did sit down, and while keeping my eyes glued to the TV, I managed to write two thousand words. So, is that considered inspiration? Maybe... Who would have thought, eh? The wee one and I cuddled together and watched the Miracle on 34th Street. The classic. It was entertaining, to say the least. We get through about fifteen minutes and my wee one is saying, "I don't think I like this..." I simply explained to that it was a classic. Nuff said.

What are some of your fave Christmas stories? Please share.

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