Thursday, December 27, 2012

Questions to die for

Sexy_men : young lovely couple lying in a bed, happy smile

Get to know your lover better by asking these questions:

1. If you were to lose your ability to speak, what’s the one thing you would want to tell me?

2. Where would your eyes wander to first if I got naked?

3. When was the first time you got a whiff of my body odor?

4. Do you think size matters?

5. If you had only a week left to live, what would you want to do?

6. What's your routine every morning? Every night?

7. If you could only have sex through texting or phone, which would you prefer?

These are sure to break the ice.


  1. I have to say these are interesting questions to ask someone. Very insightful, I like. Well done. Hope you have a wonderful and successful new year.

  2. Thx Allan for stopping by. I hope to see you here again. Same to you...Have a wonderful new year.