Saturday, December 29, 2012

Coming out of the Closet

Hi there folks. I've dragged myself out of the closet. You see, I've been in the closet for a while now. For almost an hour. Looking at my clothes.

Uhh...what were y'all thinking? Nope...wrong mind path you silly ones.

Here's my dilemma. What should I wear for New Year's Eve? I don't know about you, but I enjoy getting all dressed up. With that said, as I filter through my closet I realize, with a red face, that I have a huge issue of buying but never wearing. My clothes are divided into three sections (not literally, but so it seems). On the left I have all of the "everyday" clothes. In the middle I have the dressier clothes. And then there's the section to the right. It's not a large space, but it's what I like to call "I want to be sexy" space. Here I have my stash that shows off a good amount of leg or a good amount of chest (within reason). And hanging off most of these items is a price tag. Yup, that shows you how my social life is. I might like the bling of dressing up, but I'm a jeans and heeled boot sort of girl.

So, with dilemma still on the table, what shall I wear? I feel the urge tempting me toward my other closet, the one with all of the comfort clothes. All of my jeans are located here. My sweats too. Oh, yeah, I like sweats. I especially like yoga pants. I have about ten pairs, not nearly enough. My favorites are black with a splash of spandex. They fit like a hug from someone I love. Ahhh...

Okay, back on track!

I'm heading back in...


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