Sunday, December 23, 2012

Blue Balls aren't just for the Christmas Tree

blue balls
When I decided one of my secondary characters would blurt out, "I have blue balls," I thought it might be a good time to first explore what that slang term means. I've heard it used many times. And I've ran the race a few times...enough that I understand what it pertains to. However, I guess I wondered if it's real for men or not.

So, here's what I found out:

When a guy gets aroused and holds his erection for a considerable amount of time, without release, his testicles can start to hurt or "blue balls." Does his testicles turn blue? No. Do they swell? Nope. Is there a risk of bursting? Nope on that angle also.

Actually, most men never experience this situation. If you think it's blue balls, it could actually be a strained member when it's been "erected" numerous times in a short (no pun intended) period of time. Yet, I'm a lady so this is just what I've learned from researching the subject.

To help you men folk out, here are some facts you my want to know:

1. The more aroused you are, the stiffer the pistol, if you get my drift. This could cause a small amount of discomfort if you lift the member up.

2. Imagine taking a sac of apples and banging it against something semi-hard for a period of time. You're gonna get bruised fruit.

3. Ride your cowboy like there's no tomorrow and you may just break the saddle. Really.

4. You know those toys with the balls hanging on a string? You know how you spin them around and sometimes the string twist around, drawing the balls tighter? This may be a dramatic visual, but it can happen in the southern region and cutting off oxygen. This is serious.

From a woman's POV, this is neither here nor there. I do believe my poor male character may not want blue balls.

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