Sunday, December 9, 2012

How do you say, "I Love You..."

1. Find a tradition with your lover. Why not make it a tradition to tell your loved one everyday something that you appreciate about him/her?

2. If possible, meet him/her at the door when they arrive home. Make it a special greeting with a kiss and and I love you...

3. In most households, we each have specific chores we do. How about surprising him/her by doing one of their chores?

4. We are an over-teched society. We spend way too much time sending texts instead of communicating. Spice it up a bit and write a sweet note for your honey. Leave it in a place they'll be sure to find it when they most need it.

5. Why not make it a tradition to have Sunday breakfast with one another? Whether it's pancakes or cold cereal, it's a time to reconnect.

6. Have a special kiss. Kiss three times. Blow kisses. Raspberry kisses. What's your pleasure?

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