Friday, January 25, 2013


The other evening I was on the phone with a friend and suddenly she yells, "OMG...I just spotted a yummy DILF" I laughed. It sounded awkward.

Father and SonFor those who don't know what DILF is, it's an acronym for Dad I'd Like To F*&#. It's derived from the popular nickname for hottie moms. MILF and DILF can be offensive to some, but our ears are getting less sensitive. Don't all moms strive to be a MILF? Let me explain. Somewhere along the line of motherhood myth, a mom is supposed to run around with unwashed hair, no make-up, out of shape and grape Kool-Aid stains on her clothes. I must admit, as a mom, this was my physical presentation on many days. So when I was first called a MILF I was a bit flattered. I looked like s%$t and someone wanted to bang me (besides my husband). Hell yeah! Mind you, my kids have crossed the age bracket where all they do is spit-up, demand the breasts and cry is history.

However, still have the Kool-Aid stains.

So, back to my friend with an attraction for a DILF. She went on to explain that it was so cute how he was playing with his toddlers. Ah-ha! I think we've hit upon something, folks.

When my husband and I had our daughter, our first-born, I fell more madly in love with him. To watch him hold her, dress her, change her...all made me swoon. Gentle and confident at the same time. This big, masculine man reduced to tears, baby-talk and cuddling was sweeter than words could describe. To this day, he's my DILF.

MILFs require physical hotness. Have you ever noticed a man checking out a hot mom's butt then saying, "Wow, she's so great with her kids"? So what I'm saying is, MILFs require nice a** and DILFs require something deeper.

Men look sexier with age. They just do. They can be bald with wrinkles and still fit into the DILF category.

Sure, you see hot DILFs on TV everyday. Brad Pitt, Mark Wahlberg, Ben Affleck are some of the most popular. Yet, in real life, the image we see in a DILF is different. He's so caught up in pushing his kid on the swing, wiping a snotty nose, changing a dirty diaper that he just doesn't seem to care that he has ladies checking out his rear.

Men are portrayed many times as being emotionally disconnected, but when we see him totally connected with his child...yeah, it is the icing on the cake.  What can be sexier than that?


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