Sunday, January 27, 2013

Eat better = Better sex...Bonus Recipe

Is your bow-chicka-bow-wow letting you down these days? It could be what you're eating.

Peach tasteHave you ever eaten a double, sloppy cheeseburger and then crashed on the sofa, thinking about having sex but not getting very far? However, eat a light meal and you're ready to set the bed on flames.

Are you getting enough aphrodisiac food? Have you ever noticed that the smellier the foods are the more beneficial they are to the libido? For instance, oysters, garlic and asparagus don't have the most appealing odor, yet are known for their kick-start abilities down under. When you eat these foods, not only are you giving your body a boost of health, but also giving the bedroom some action.

Chocolate is another sensual food that can light the mood. We all know that chocolate covered strawberries have been pegged as a sexy aphrodisiac. Let's face it, if we don't stop at the market and pick them up, and then we risk that they're not fresh, who has the time to hand-dip all of those strawberries and let them dry? We want it quick and easy. Here's a recipe that I think you'll love...

A container of rinsed and dried strawberries (It's very important that no wetness remains). Hull and cut them in half.

A container of dipping chocolate

Put each slice of strawberry into the individual cups of an ice cube tray. Pour melted chocolate over. Make sure that you cover completely. Allow chocolate to set. Then, simply and gently, as you would ice, crack them and remove them from the tray. 

*To remove them easier, you can dip the bottom of the tray in warm water for 15-30 seconds until the chocolate loosens.

*I sometimes spray the tray with a small amount of cooking spray before I put the strawberries in.

*Don't like strawberries? Or want to try something new? Try the fruit you desire. You can even switch out fruit for Greek yogurt.Mouth and chocolate

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