Saturday, January 19, 2013

ManZilion...Do you have a clue?

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Manzilions...this word might leave some of you shaking your head wondering what in the hell. Well, let me tell you. It is the equivalent to a Brazilian wax job. All nether region hair is waxed and removed...ALL of it. Including crack hair. Leaving you smooth and silky (hopefully).

Are you still shaking your head asking "Why?" This is a really hard topic to explain. Does it hurt? Sure does, for about a minute and then you're hair free. I've seen grown men cry while getting waxed. I don't want to scare you, but it's the truth.

There are lots of rumors why men choose to rid themselves of all pubic hair. Here are some...

To make the package look bigger. Less sweating. Sex can be better. And for obvious sanitary reasons.

Still not sold?

Okay. If you've been tossing around the idea about losing the pubes but aren't ready to go all out and have it waxed, give shaving a try.

Here's a warning for you first-timers. If you shave, the hair can itch when it grows back. Take care of that issue before someone thinks you have crabs. Also, hair grows back quick, like the next day so the smoothness doesn't last long. And no doubt, the consensus is, once you go bare you don't go back to hair.

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