Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Guest Post--Eden Glenn

Please welcome the talented author Eden Glenn. Thank you for stopping by, Eden.

Meet Eden: Eden Glenn makes her home in the mountains of Tennessee with a nuisance of a dog that belongs in Japan and a too smart cat. She is a member of FCRW (first coast romance writers) and RWA (Romance Writers of America) A member of the Rebel Elite Writers Team at Rebel Ink Press and epublished at all fine ebook vendors.

Dar'kind Promises
(BLURB) Novellette length (16,920 words)
Darkind Fairy Maura comes to the human dimension on a search and rescue mission for one of her race. The success of the mission rests on her wits and the skilled aid of her feline tracker, Zelia. Unfortunately, Zelia is experiencing unpredictable shifts between feline and human forms.
Distracted by the sultry woman in her bed, Maura struggles to stay focused on their quest. If they’re unable to figure out how to gain control of Zelia’s shifting, all hope for success of their mission as well as any possibility of their future together will be lost.
Worse yet, an ancient evil targets Zelia and Maura in a bid for power and control of their magic.
Zelia is willing to risk becoming trapped in feline form and losing the love she’s found if it means she can save Maura from the evil hunting them. Meanwhile, Maura searches for the strength to abandon the quest for her lost ‘sister’ if doing so will save Zelia’s life and stabilize her shifting abilities.

Available 2/3/13 at all fine ebook vendors

Watch for Dar'kind Promises to hit the bookstores. You won't want to miss this !!

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