Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stronger Relationships through a man's bed, not stomach.

Sexy_men : Young sexy heterosexual couple making love in bed
Think sex isn't important in a relationship? Better think again.

Here's what sex can do for your relationship...

1. Bonding. Do you feel super close after a romp with your partner? That's not your imagination. The brain releases feel good hormones called oxytocin, also known as the "cuddle hormone." Of course we don't finish "playing" and turn to our mate and say, "Wow, some oxytocin rush." In fact, we probably don't even care where that feeling is coming from, we just like that it feels good and we see our partner with sex-colored glasses.

2. Sexy from inside out. Who doesn't like to feel sexy? What better rush of sexiness than when your partner takes the time to slide his hand across your thigh? Your stomach? Or, when he plants kisses along the smooth trail of your curves? No matter that we all have body flaws, he isn't thinking anything but how much he wants you at that moment.

3. Boredom. How many couples switch on the TV and get lost in movie land every evening? It's easy, especially after long days at work. Instead of heading to the TV, switch something on in another area. Leave a note for your partner to meet you in the bedroom after he brushes his teeth. Slip into your fave lingerie and then slide into bed. When he climbs in and sees his package, he'll not only be pleasantly surprised, but ready to unwrap.

4. The benefits are tremendous. Not only does sex help us mentally and emotionally, but it's great for a rockin' body. It burns calories (on avergae about 170) and tightens muscles. And did you know that its been proven to lower blood pressure? So, do it for your health !

Want to read one of my books. Try this...

Zoe has a problem and his name is Lieutenant Jagmeyer.

Zoe Carmichael has one true love—work. But a satisfying career doesn’t sate her desire for steamy Lieutenant Jagmeyer, a career military firefighter. He’s as anti-relationship as she is, if not more. She sees in him the perfect opportunity for companionship without commitment.Things, however, don’t always work out as one plans.When Jag becomes Zoe’s protector after a death threat against her life, unbridled passion pulls at them both. Can Zoe resist falling for Jag who wears his hardcore badge for everyone to see? Will Jag risk losing everything he’s worked for?
WARNING: Explicit sex, graphic language.

Double Dare by Rhonda Lee Carver


Double Dare by Rhonda Lee Carver


Copyright 2010, Rhonda Lee Carver
All rights reserved, Lyrical Press, Inc.
Jag’s eyes turned into rays of steel. Zoe knew he challenged her. What she felt wasn’t revulsion. She felt interest interest.
A healing wound wouldn’t send her running, but still, she did have human emotions. It opened a book of questions into his past. She wasn’t a stranger to battle and loss. She followed the stories of fallen soldiers and injured military closely.
His eyes were the most intense she’d ever seen. The deep irises seemed to burrow under her skin and zap her bloodstream with energy. What color were they? In the light, the hue appeared silver.
He wore his toughness like a badge. With a badass rigidity in his expression and body language, he had the mannerism of a soldier. She would’ve pegged him military even if he weren’t wearing regulation ABUs and a close haircut.
“Are you lost?” His low, gruff voice did tingly, unfamiliar things to her nipples. She’d been wrong in thinking this would be a piece of cake.In a breathy Marilyn Monroe voice she said, “I just thought you looked lonesome sitting here all by yourself.”

Double Dare by Rhonda Lee Carver


Double Dare by Rhonda Lee Carver

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