Monday, January 14, 2013

Friends With Benefits

I am so excited. I received the Cover Art for Friends With Benefits. It's my short erotica releasing this June.

As we finalize preparations for my baby's release, I'm getting antsy pantsy counting down the days to another newcomer on the scene. I enjoyed writing this story of best friends who have a secret craving to cross over into something more. Here's a juicy excerpt to get your taste buds salivating...

Padding into her bedroom, she lit the row of vanilla candles on her dresser and assumed her place in the middle of the four-poster, queen-sized bed, keeping the gown on although it was against the rules. If he wanted to see her nude, he’d have to work toward that goal. She didn't want to make it too easy for him.
Her body eased into the thick, soft comforter. The seductive thoughts whirling in her mind were enough to set her mood to ready and willing.
She checked the clock. Five minutes to go. Eagerness exploded inside her stomach.
A chuckle escaped her throat. Shouldn't she have some sense of fright, or anxiety? Serenity made her ooze deeper into the bed. She’d never met this man, yet, she trusted him. Something about his words, his letters, had always wrapped her in peace.
A few minutes passed. Then she heard the downstairs door chime. He had arrived.
She made haste in pulling on the red silk scarf, a makeshift mask, and tied the soft material securely at the back of her head. She fixed it so everything went dark.

Coming June 2013 with Lyrical Press. 

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