Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Are you a licker or a biter?

As winter is coming to an end, or at least I hope, the weather will begin to warm. As heat rises I believe most people get a craving for ice cold drinks, picnic foods and ice cream. On a hot day when my body feels like it's on fire, nothing is more soothing than an ice cream cone. My fave flavor is, well, I haven't tried a flavor I don't like, but I'd go for chocolate beast. Have you ever watched people eat ice cream? Some lick the dessert and some are biters. Which are you?

I think ice cream is made to lick. Tongues are a perfect body part to use in lapping up something delicious. In fact, licking ice cream is historically known for being sexy. Licking means we can take our time, enjoy the flavor.Biting seems to be for the person who just can't seem to stop and enjoy. Some mix it up a bit. Nibble here and lick there.

Do you prefer your ice cream in a bowl or cone? Waffle or sugar? Two scoops or three? Soft or hard? So many choices...

Castle's Fortress by Rhonda Lee CarverSo, what's your flavor?

Castle’s Fortress by Rhonda Lee Carver

One hundred years ago, a little girl died mysteriously. Twenty years ago, another followed. Today, Fall Winters has to find out why.
Twenty years ago, another followed. Today, Fall Winters has to find out why.
The last person Jake Castle expects to see again is Fall Winters. Twenty years ago, they were been best friends, until her father killed his sister. He left her and his sleepy hometown–and all the memories in it. He didn’t want a stroll down memory lane, especially with her.
Fall has never believed her father was guilty. He was responsible for a lot of things, but not kidnapping and killing a teenage girl. Now, Fall’s own sister is missing under similar circumstances. It looks like she was right. She must find her sister alive and prove the connection between the cases, not to mention her father’s innocence. Fall turns to the only person she can trust–Jake.
Jake agrees to help Fall on one condition: They never step foot in the ramshackle haunted house that almost left Fall dead when she was ten. Jake wants to believe the ghost they saw that night was a figment of his imagination. But as they delve further into the mystery surrounding the kidnappings, Jake begins to realize there is a connection to the house, and a stronger one with Fall. He knows it’s time to face his fears–and the feelings inside his heart that lead him straight to Fall.
A Lyrical Press Paranormal Romance



  1. What an amazingly tantalizing title for this post! Love it.
    I love soft ice cream in a waffle cone. I love licking it, then sucking it in to get a full mouth taste, then licking it some more. Omg, you're right, eating ice cream is exceptionally sexy! LOL! Fun post. Thanks. : )

    1. Thx so much. Ice cream is sexy to eat...and sexy to talk about. Keep licking :))