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I have a sort-of naughty confession. I am fascinated with vampires and werewolves. It used to be military men ( world of difference). I’m neck-deep in edits at the moment, but every chance I get I’m visiting my newest work-in-progress. It doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s about a Wolf and his mate. The first chapter is full of blood and guts. I guess that isn’t your usual run of the mill romance. So, why do I have this captivation with these hairy, larger-than-life creatures? I’m not the only one with the appeal. Twilight didn’t sell oogles of books just for the vampires, although Jacob did play second fiddle to Edward. They have unusual strength, speed, reflexes and senses. Wouldn’t that be cool? They are shape shifters. Wolves at night and human during the day. Maybe it’s the mystery that holds the fascination? Their eyes are mystical. Their story is magical. 

Out of all of the fantasy creatures, which is your favorite?

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Delaney's Sunrise Book Cover

Five years ago, Dee Crawford’s engagement to Jacob Delaney ended in death.

Jacob’s secrets followed him to his grave–and chased Dee from Delaney’s Farm, and from his brother Abe’s forbidden embrace. Yet when her own secrets send her back to Ohio and right into Abe Delaney’s arms, old guilt comes to light, old passions reignite, and Jacob’s secrets return to haunt them with more than just his memory. Someone in town wants Dee gone, and will do anything to stop her from uncovering the truth about her fiance’s death. If Dee is to survive, she must expose Jacob’s long-buried secrets…and expose her heart to Abe. Only by admitting their love can they ease the guilt that has plagued them for years. But will love be enough to save Dee when the next death on Delaney’s Farm may be her own?

Delaney’s Sunrise by Rhonda Lee


Copyright 2011, Rhonda Lee
All rights reserved, Lyrical Press, Inc.

Dee didn’t look at him. He couldn’t look at her, either. He’d lived with the weight of shame, embarrassment and pain for years. He’d done a good job molding those emotions into something more useful, more productive: anger. The latter was far better than sorrow. Abe had convinced himself of her faults long ago. He wouldn’t allow her to unravel him again.
“You’re not welcome here, Dee.”
She set her bottle on the floor. It fell onto its side. Beer spilled out in a foamy puddle; both ignored it.
Tension enveloped him. What would she say?
“Let’s get past that, Abe. The reality is, Jacob wanted me here. I don’t know why he did, but I trusted him.”
He smirked. “You don’t belong here. Did you change your clothes to prove a point to yourself, or just to impress me?”
One thin brow curved in challenge. “It’d make you happy to think I was trying to impress you.”
“No.” He wrinkled his nose. “No, it wouldn’t.” He dropped his feet to the floor with a thud.
“Oh, forgive me.” Her tone teetered on mockery. “You’re into engaged women, right? I’m only a single girl now.”
Her bitter words hit home, striking as hard as a blow to the gut. He rose so quickly she stumbled back. He stalked toward her. Agitated, the horses kicked at the doors of their stalls as if they shared his tension.
Her lips trembled. “Did I touch a sensitive chord?”
Chord? Hell, she’d unleashed a flood. He caught her wrist in a solid grip. He didn’t want to hurt her, but he dragged her close and bent low to her ear. “You wanna stay?” His voice was dangerously low. “Stay. But don’t cross my path, or I’ll throw your ass off my farm quicker than you can throw Jacob’s name in my face again. Ownership rights or no ownership rights, that’s my word. Got it?”
She tilted her head back and looked up at him. Her face was devoid of emotion, but the damp mist in her eyes made her a liar. “Got it,” she whispered.
He dropped her wrist and pivoted on his heel, heading for the exit.
Her shaky voice stopped him. “I know you, Abe, probably better than Jacob did. If I didn’t already realize you’re a kind man, I’d run as far away from you as I could. You’re angry and you’re feeling guilty. I know, because I feel the same. I’ve dealt with those same emotions since Jacob died. You may hate me and I don’t know if I still…if I like you much either, but we share one thing. We both lost someone we loved.”
He kept his back to her, but as the last word left her lips he nearly fled outside. Sucking in fresh air, he shoved his hands into his pockets. Damn it. Damn her.
She’d leave…eventually.

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  1. There are many people who love wolves... I created Grey wolf eyes in bead work: