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Madison J Edwards

When Beth Sanders attends Club Breathless, Jonah Carter is immediately attracted to her. He realizes she’s new to the Dominant / submissive world and normally that would deter him, but there’s something about this seemingly demure woman that piques his interest and soon his curiosity sets events in motion that will change his life forever.

Beth wants a man to love her for herself and she’s always harbored a secret fantasy about being bound and helpless at her lover’s hand. Friends invite her to Club Breathless to learn more about the Dominant / submissive lifestyle and Beth relishes the submissive role. It also helps that one of the more experienced Dungeon Masters participates in her training. She’d love to know which of the more experienced Doms brings all her fantasies to life, but he demands that she remain blindfolded for all sessions.

Sparks fly when Beth discovers the truth about her secret Dom, who happens to be her boss, Jonah Carter.


She grabbed her purse and coat, turning when Jonah entered the office. He closed the door behind him and then helped her shrug into the jacket. His hands were warm on her shoulders and for a moment Beth found herself wanting to lean into his arms. His cologne tickled her senses and it may have been just wishful thinking, but he reminded her of Sir. When he squeezed her shoulders softly she almost believed he wanted her to lean back as well
Then reality knocked on her brain. This was her boss and even though he was drop dead sexy and her insides twisted whenever he spoke, he was only taking her to dinner because he felt guilty for making her work so long.
“Are you ready?” When she nodded in the affirmative, he quirked one eyebrow and asked. “Cat got your tongue, Miss Sanders?”
Beth coughed in surprise. “No, I mean yes, sir. I’m ready.”
Flustered, she whirled around and headed for the elevator. She’d never noticed how tiny the elevator carriage was before, but with Jonah standing just a shade behind her Beth felt as if all the air had been squeezed out of the room. Awareness coiled in her stomach and she wondered if she’d survive the sixty floor ride down to the lobby. As the doors slid closed, Jonah murmured in her ear. “It’s all right, Miss Sanders. I won’t bite. Hard.”
She fidgeted. Ever since they arrived at the restaurant and ordered their meal. Her nerves were stretched painfully thin and although the salmon looked and smelled wonderful, she tasted nothing. The only thing she could handle was wine, and it was going down smoother and smoother.
What exactly did he mean by ‘he wouldn’t bite — hard?’
He looked very relaxed, all handsome and dashing with his cobalt blue silk tie loosened around his neck and the top button of his shirt undone. His strong collarbone looked golden and tasty. Boy, she’d love to run her fingertips along his jaw line and make him smile, just so she could dip her tongue in that lovely dimple beside his mouth. A sensuous mouth with firm, full lips which must have been created by the god of kissing.
Lost in thought, she stared at those firm, sensuous lips and bit hers, imaging his beautiful mouth roaming all over her body.
“Miss Sanders.”
Beth raised her gaze to meet his. In the subdued light his face looked savagely beautiful, like an avenging angel. His midnight eyes pinned her to the seat. “Miss Sanders, if you keep looking at me like that, I might get the impression you were coming on to me.”
Normally Beth would have flushed straight from her chest to the roots of her hair at a comment like that, but tonight the wine on an empty stomach got the best of her. Tonight she was Beth from Club Breathless. How would Mr. Jonah Carter handle that Beth?
He’d probably run for the hills.
She speared a piece of salmon and waved it around on the fork. “Maybe I was.” The tiny sliver of fish was popped into her mouth and for the first time that night she tasted flavours. The salmon really did taste as good as it looked. Shoot. She should have flirted with Mr. Jonah Carter earlier.
He took a sip of his Bourbon and leaned back against the seat in their private booth, assessing her with those all seeing eyes. He looked like…Beth scrambled around in her wine muddled brain to find the best descriptor. He looked like a panther. Yes, a coal black, dangerous panther. Seemingly all relaxed when in reality he was coiled, ready to pounce, oozing restrained power. Restrained sexuality.
A small sigh escaped her.
“Mr. Jonah Carter?”
Jonah’s mouth lifted at the use of his full name. “Yes, Miss Sanders.”
“Do you think I’m an overweight cow?”

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About the Author:

By day Madison works in a busy Human Resource office of a local police service. By night she transforms into a bestselling erotic author. She is fluent in Starbucks Spanish and when she’s not in front of her computer sipping a non-fat, no foam latte, she loves to spend time with friends and family, amazing them with her recall of completely nonsensical trivia.

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