Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Men should feel their testicles

I think we'll agree that testicles are an important part of a man's body. They aren't the sexiest part of a man, by far, but they hold great value.  They make sperm and produce testosterone. Two very important things. Men can develop testicular cancer and it's most common in younger men. Just as women need to do monthly breasts exams, men should also do the same for their testicles. In fact, why not make it a joined effort and remind each other to follow through with the exams each month?

So, what do normal testicles feel like? They should feel like walnuts hooked to small tubes inside a soft, thin layer of skin. Any other lumps or nuts inside could be something you speak to your doctor about. Not sure how to give yourself a self-exam? There's a site for dummies--no offense, I'm serious.

I'm a woman, so my point of view is a bit skewed, but I'll tell you what I've heard men say. Here's a given--balls should be comfy and healthy, therefore, happy. Give them lots of care and support, especially during athletic adventures. Balls don't like being under pressure. Gentle tugging and touching is preferred. Sit bones and saddle should be monitored at all times when riding near the balls. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, moisture and balls do not mix unless you're in the shower.

So men, never fear. This is a moment when the woman who loves you will encourage you to play with your testicles.

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Double Dare by Rhonda Lee Carver


Double Dare by Rhonda Lee Carver



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