Friday, May 3, 2013

Can men fake orgasm?

I guess everyone has faked orgasm at least once, and probably for the same reason--expectation is high in lovemaking. Faking an orgasm once in a blue moon doesn't hurt anyone, right? So, when does it cause a problem? And is the issue really the lack of orgasm or the lie?

Can a woman tell whether her partner is having the "real" thing? Probably not all of the time. When an orgasm occurs, involuntary body contractions happen followed by a burst of ejaculation. It's possible a man can fake the body tension and rigid pelvic thrusts mimicking the big O, but what explanation is there for the lack of fluid? If a man is wearing a condom, he can easily remove the sheath and toss it, with his partner being none the wiser. I mean, after all, what person is going to dig for the used condom and search for remains? I'll pass...

Men faking orgasms aren't as uncommon as you may think. In fact, I bet they fake as often as women do. Question is, would it hurt your feelings if you found out your man was faking completion? Maybe it depends on what his reasons are? What could those reasons be? If he's had too much to drink. If he's tired. If he has ED. And...if he is feeling guilty for something and his mind just isn't into it.

A popular myth says that men are only concerned about their own orgasm. Most men want to please their partner. And if we make a big deal over the fact that he didn't complete, it could very well bury the hammer deeper into the issue, which is that a woman wants to please her man too...and it's most of our belief that good sex = big O's.

Isn't this a huge clue in how times are changing? Women have always been thought to fake orgasms (and yes, we do sometimes) and now we are realizing that men fake too. 

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