Thursday, May 16, 2013

Straight women--Gay fantasy

Is it true that women are obsessed with gay romance? M/M books written for and by straight women are on the rise.

It's always been a bit of a joke that straight men are crazy about hot girl-on-girl action. Now is it that women are crazy about hot men-on-men action? Sex between two strapping, sweaty, bulging men is a sexy thought, right? The same readers who pick up a novel with a sexy heterosexual couple on front will also purchase the cover with two sexy men, partially undressed, embraced in an intimate pose. Most publishers have caught onto the trend and added a M/M line.

Human sexuality is a complicated, but harmless adventure. Fantasies are complex, and are innocent travels of the mind. Just as straight men are curious about lesbians, straight women are curious about gay men. Isn't it natural to wonder about the things we can't have?

As a writer, we must tap into the readers' fantasies. A reader opens a book to be transported into another world. For a few hours in time, they want to embrace fantasy and sexuality.  Read on...

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