Saturday, May 25, 2013

Strange Sexual Customs

1. The Sambians
The semen-drinking tribe. At the age of seven, the males are separated from the females until the age of seventeen. During this time, they receive many skin piercings to let out any contamination brought on by women. They eat lots of sugar cane to bring on nose bleeds and vomiting. During the years while they're away from women, they must ingest semen from their elders, which promotes strength and power. When they are welcomed back into the main tribe, they must induce nose bleeds at the same time their wives are on their monthly.

2. Saut d'Eau
A city of ritual. If you visit Haiti in the month of July, you may be surprised with the "love" ritual. People gather naked and twist and roll around in the waterfalls. Sound kinky? Try disgusting. The water and mud is full of sacrificed animals' blood, with a few cow heads as floaters.

3. Egyptian Pharaohs
Apparently, the Pharaohs believed ejaculation had great healing and multiplying abilities, besides the obvious.  It was a ritual for the men to ejaculate in the Nile to ensure an abundance of water.The men were so inspired by self-stimulation, they had festivities that focused on groups of males standing around and publicly masturbating.

4. Ancient Greece
The ancient Greeks didn't define sexuality by gender, instead it was based on the role a person played during intercourse. Dominant and submissive. The active penetrator was designated to the masculine or richer person, or the one with higher status. The passive role was that of younger, poorer individuals. Same-sex relationships (between men) were considered "boy love" and somewhat a rite of passage among men. The older man was expected to show the young man, a boy who hadn't yet grown a beard, the way of love, therefore, giving the older man a life of prosperity.

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