Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Protect and Serve Me...Men in Uniform

I have a bit of a confession...I have a thing for men in uniform. Military, fire, police...my heart speeds up. That's why I had so much fun writing Sin With Cuffs. Liam Ryan, Chief of Police, a six-foot-three mass of brawny male...what's not to like, eh? And you can only imagine what a man like Liam can do with his handcuffs.

My fascination with men in uniform started when I watched the movie An Officer and a Gentleman. Holy cow...Richard Gere was made for that role. He was the beginning of it all for me. A man should wear a uniform with pride and confidence. I imagine it provokes a sense of power. I wouldn't argue if a man in dress whites swept in and carried me off into the sunset. *sigh*

 It's not just how good a man looks in uniform...it's the heroism that they stand for. Risking their lives in war, putting out fires and protecting citizens.

Liam Ryan is faced with protecting his heroine, Holly. He swears he'll protect her, but vows he won't fall for her again. Yet fate has other plans...

Sin With Cuffs is now available...

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