Monday, May 27, 2013


Handcuffs have been used to restrain people for centuries. Once upon a time, it was "one size fits all." Now, there's a whole array of different cuffs--size, rigid, hinged, color, furry...

Why is it a bad idea to use regular metal cuffs in the bedroom? Because they can be very uncomfortable, dangerous and "naughty cuffs" are made differently. Bondage cuffs are designed to be safer and more comfortable--often padded or with fur. Usually no key is required, but instead they are latched with velcro.

In Sin With Cuffs, my hero, Liam, is a sexy Chief of Police and heroine, Holly, wanted a taste of role playing. In came the metal handcuffs. If you're envisioning my heroine strapped to the bed with handcuffs retraining her and mouth covered with leather band, well, that's not Sin With Cuffs. You'll have to read SWC to see just how far Liam and Holly go, but you won't be disappointed.

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