Friday, May 17, 2013

Make that a cowboy for me...please and thank you.

I have a case of cowboy fever. I'm doing edits on Second Ride Cowboy and I've gotta say, I've written a rodeo-riding-stud. I'm not even finished with SRC and my mind is already plotting part 3 of the Second Cowboy series. Second Chance Cowboy, remember Carly and Chance's story, wasn't supposed to be a series but when you write juicy secondary characters, you've gotta do what you've gotta do. Now, I'm finishing up Lila and Duke's story and there's another character entwined among the mix that is dying for a story of her own? Can you guess who she is? Sorry...I can't tell you--at least not yet.

What makes a cowboy sexy enough that we want to lick them from head to toe? Is it the tight jeans worn in strategic places--groin, ass and thighs? And if you've noticed, every hole is big enough for a peep, but not big enough for a hand. Could it be possible to lust over strong, capable hands with callouses in all of the right places to awaken every nerve of a woman's body? And a tough man wears a Stetson, lowered over his forehead, shadowing his penetrating gaze. maybe it has nothing to do with callouses, worn jeans or the Stetson. Could be the confidence in his movements, the stealth of his steps or the casual way he leans against a fence post as if he claimed land.

Ever watch a cowboy ride his horse? He moves with grace as if his saddle was shaped for his ass. A man who can ride like that must be talented in many other areas.  My cowboys always smell like leather and masculinity. Yes, masculinity has a smell.

Whatever makes a cowboy special to you and whatever your reasons, readers love cowboy stories.

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