Saturday, May 18, 2013

Where not to have sex

Have you ever been so freaking hot over someone you thought you'd bust if you didn't drop your drawers and do her/him right then and there. I bet we've all been that crazy a time or two, but it's important to think things through before you let the snake out of the cage. The wrong place could land you in jail, or with a disgusting rash on the nether region, or on You Tube as the nut whose butt is viewed by millions. None of those alternatives sound spectacular, especially when all you're out to get is a good time.

So, where would you NOT have sex? For some, your list may be very, very short, but here are a few places I'd keep my pants pulled up.

1. The back of a police car.
2. Bathroom at a fast food restaurant.
3. Chair with wheels.
4. An ice-cold bath.
5. The parking lot of Walmart.
6. Court.
7. In a church.
8. At a drive-thru.
9. Jail or Prison.
10. Train tracks.

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