Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fantasy at the mall

Recently I was reading an article for research and read that still today a quickie in the dressing room remains the most popular fantasy. A quick one in any store isn't what it used to be. Although it may appear that the workers aren't watching, they are. There are surveillance cameras everywhere. If that's the major kick in this fantasy, is being watched, you may think the risks of being caught are worth the pleasure. I'd suggest finding your entertainment at a less "public" place, but who am I to judge?

If you're caught, you'd better run. Or, probation and loads of embarrassment could be in your future.

So, is there a safer way to live wildly while keeping your backside off the store cams? At least try to find one...

I don't care if you're the straightest of narrow or the wildest of wild, you are born with the natural need to fantasize. Sure, some fantasize about whips and chains, while others find kinky being a romp in the middle of the day. We aim to please our partner, which is very healthy. There's cause for concern when we no longer wish to.

Crack the code in your relationship and do the unthinkable, and many cases, the laughable. Admit it, playing can lead to laughter. And, laughter is good for the soul. A friend recently told me that she and her husband wanted to spice up the bedroom (they've been married for twelve years). She brought in a blindfold and chocolate syrup. By the end of the eve, they both were covered in goo and she had a broken pinky...and they are still laughing. Although it hadn't turned out as spicy as she'd hoped, they'd had fun. It brought them closer and they can't wait to try something new.

Ever tried playing doctor? Role playing can add a bit of spice to any bedroom. Let me throw out some ideas and you run with them (and in this case, not from the cops because you've been caught doing the naughty in a public place).


Enjoy each other :)


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