Sunday, November 25, 2012

Food Below Belts

Girls Eating Bananas (18 pics)
Y'all know that I not only enjoy eating my food, but I also love to play with my food. Let's keep this naughty, shall we?

There are foods that put a rise in the libido. And if you don't believe me, eat for yourself and watch how things transform in the bedroom.

1. Hot Chilies. Hot and spicy, just what we like in a lover. No wonder chilies are known to rev up the blood flow and put a spark in your nerve endings. You could try eating one raw, but only the toughest shall try that. Try adding a few to your food creations.

2. Asparagus and Avocados. Don't you dare turn your nose up. At least not until I'm done telling you the magic these greens hold for you. Clitoral swelling and vaginal lubrication. Need I say more? I love asparagus, but I'm sure to eat more and I'll be smiling with each bite with the thought of swelling and lubrication on my mind.

3. Bananas. For some us, the first time we learned to use a condom was on a banana. Did you know it's worth more than it's shape? Bananas contain potassium, which builds muscle strength. Want a stronger orgasm? Eat, eat bananas.

4. Salmon. It's packed full of Omega-3's and keeps the sexual hormones at their peak.

So, the moral of the story healthy, live well, and have lots of sex.

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