Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Flaccid is not a word that holds good meaning. Not for men and women. But it's nothing to be ashamed of. It happens, even to heroes. Ask a few of my bad-ass characters and they'll tell you..."limp happens." You probably wonder what sort of cruel writer am I to do this to my characters, but trust me, there's good cause for lack of firmness. It's like this, have you ever been in front of a crowd, ready to give a speech, and forgotten how to speak? It's similar to a man and woman who are crazy for each other but when it comes to showtime, uhh, his nerves get the best of him. Usually, after he relaxes, things get back to normal and things "look up." Because this issue can have an impact on any relationship, it's not one that should ever be swept under the rug and/or ignored. Believe it or not men, it hurts our pride as much as it hurts yours.

So, as I looked into this further, I found it interesting that all men suffer this problem sometime in their lifetime. Most issues are resolved and forgotten. Some need a little more tweaking. Here are some basic facts...

1. Once upon a time it was thought that it was all in a man's mind. Now docs understand there can be an underlying physical cause.

2. Erection problems doesn't mean a man doesn't have a sex drive.

3. Normally men have around 3-5 erections per night. An erection should last at least about 30 minutes. If you're still having nighttime erections, but not at showtime, it's more than likely that it's not medical.

4. Premature ejaculation isn't the same as erectile dysfunction.

An erection doesn't just involve the nether region. Blood vessels, the brain, nerves and hormones all play a role in the "rising" function. Men who drink heavily can have a problems in the south. If you fear that you'll let your partner down, "down" may happen in other places. Smoking also narrows the blood vessels that play an important role in circulation. Stress, lack of sleep, drugs...can be a problem too.

If you're "issue" happens more than 25% of the time, it's time to speak to a doc.


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