Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Food Below Belts

candy necklaceI love sensual pleasures. There are many splendors of life that uplift our soul and spark the motivational juices. I so enjoy sunlight streaming through a window. The touch from someone special. The excitement of expectation. I also love to eat, and write about heated romance. I believe most people would agree that sex and food are some of the greatest pleasures we can experience. Have you ever been sitting on the couch, snuggling with your partner watching a movie while eating a snack? Have you ever wondered what he'd do if you ate the popcorn off his body? Or, have you been curious if you can lick the ice cream off her body before it melts?Now, now, don't pretend you're not wondering. Satisfaction can come in all different ways...and flavors. If you've ever watched the movie 9 1/2 Weeks, one of the sexiest scenes is the food make out session.

Are you a fan of chocolate? Yeah? Me, too. For those who love to draw, your partner's body is a beautiful canvas and the only tools you'll need is an open mind and a bar of chocolate. Allow the chocolate to warm slightly, not melted. It doesn't take a modern-day Picasso to design a portrait that is finger (tongue) licking good.

Have you ever heard of the Hot Tamales Candy Spray? Very clever. What a handy-dandy idea for lovers. Who doesn't like to spray paint? Spray on some body graffiti then see who'll get arrested for vandalism...cuffs and all.

Wear a candy necklace under a skirt or dress. Slip a note across the table at dinner telling your partner you have a treat hidden somewhere on your body. Imagine how excited he'll be? Wonder how many licks and bites it takes to make the garter disappear? With any luck, you'll find out that answer.

Honey can be an especially sweet treat. Your partner's body warmth makes the honey a perfect consistency for eating. Drizzle it in all of those sensitive places of the body. And darn, you'll have to take a shower together afterward to rinse off the sticky mess.

Hot and cold sensations have a reputation for getting the blood flowing. Here's a trick. You'll need an ice cube, or several depending on how much fun you find this, and a warm cup of tea (your flavor choice).  Use an ice cube to cool parts of the skin, take a drink of tea, then use your mouth to warm the cooled area. Or, switch off from warm to cool, whichever brings the most pleasure to your partner.

Enjoy one another :)


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