Friday, November 16, 2012


Pinned ImageAre you looking for the perfect work out that'll tone all parts of your body? Do you know that a half an hour of sex can burn 200 calories? So, I guess you decide, what would you rather do?

Sex is a fab work out. It can reduce the risks of a heart attack. It boosts your immune system and is like a huge dose of sunlight to endorphins.  Not sold yet? Well, let me continue...

It feels good and brings you closer to your mate. What's not to like?

Here are some fab positions that'll rock your body and whip it into shape...

1- The High Rise: To work on your back and butt, have your man positioned between your legs and drop your legs over his hips.  Lift your bottom to meet his thrusts. For added benefit, slap his butt with your feet.

Difficulty level: Easy

2-   Squat and Rock: Sit on top of your man with your feet planted next to his hips. With hands on his knees, lift your body. For added benefit, circle your hips.

Difficulty level: Tricky

3- Booty Backward: Have your man lie down. Straddle him with your back facing him. Lift yourself using your hands and feet.

Difficulty level:   Athletic

4- Body to Body: Both of you will stand. He should be leaning against the wall with you standing in front, belly to belly. His legs should be planted between your spread legs. If he is taller than you you'll have to stand on a raised surface.

Difficulty level: Hard, in more ways than one

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