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Guest Author-- Adriana Kraft

I'd like to welcome the talented Adriana Kraft. Thank you Adriana for guesting here with me.

You won’t want to miss our Birthday Party!

What kinds of milestones do you treasure when you look back on the journey you’ve taken to this moment? As an author, I name several:

The moment nearly twelve years ago when my husband and I (who co-author erotic fiction under our pen name, Adriana Kraft) looked each other in the eye and said yes, we want to try our hand at writing romance together. It was a fork in the road, and it’s been a marvelous journey.

The moment the first publisher offered us a contract, five years later. By then we’d been writing and editing and revising and tossing and subbing and attending workshops and starting over for what seemed like eons, with no success, but always feeling the goal might just be within our reach. We never gave up, and we continually improved our writing – and, the feedback we received.

The day our first erotic romance was released as an e-book, about a year later. Colors of the Night is still one of my favorite books among the now nearly thirty we’ve published. More on that in a minute.

Today, I’m getting ready to celebrate another milestone. Five years ago next week, the second of the two e-publishing houses that had published our work went under. Why would I celebrate a disaster like that? Because of what it led to.

The small group of authors who’d gotten behind the new publishing venture of a fellow author were devastated. All of us had books that were suddenly not available for sale, and we faced an uncertain future.

What did we do? We organized – swiftly and effectively. The e-pub house had booked a loop chat for us at Novelspotters that was less than a week away. We bit the bullet, decided to keep that engagement, and contacted Novelspotters to see if they would allow us the chat time.

Kudos to Novelspotters for saying yes – but, they needed to know who we were: what was the name of our group?

Midnight Seductions was born in that moment, November 17, 2007. Our membership has shifted somewhat over the five years since, but we remain a hard working, exciting group of romance and erotic romance authors who continue to support each other through the major changes sweeping our industry.


We’re having a party next weekend, and you’re invited! Our Birthday Bash will be a three day Blog Hop, November 16-18, with a Kindle Fire as the grand prize plus prizes offered by each of the participating authors. All the details and links will be posted at the Midnight Seductions Blog on Friday, November 16, and the winners will be announced November 20. Hope to see you there!


I said I’d say more about our first novel. Colors of the Night was released in 2006 to a five-kisses review from Two Lips Reviews, who had the following to say: I highly recommend this book, although the reader will no doubt want either a partner or a bucket of toys close at hand.

Its original e-publisher had already gone under when Midnight Seductions was formed. I’m thrilled that Extasy Books, where hubs and I now have nearly twenty books published, agreed to re-release it (with this fabulous new cover by Martine Jardin) in July, 2009. It’ll be part of my prize package for the hop, so here’s a blurb and an excerpt for you:


The dazzling and timeless love goddess Aria pays a visit to struggling thirty-something Jamie and Ryan Hazleton, who are on the brink of divorce.  When the hot sex that results from her first lesson cools to icy glares, Aria decides to move in with them and provide more experiential learning.  Can Ryan overcome his jealousy of Jamie’s uninhibited response to the delectable goddess? What if he succumbs to his own desires?  Only time will tell whether this love triangle with an immortal will ignite or extinguish the dying embers of Jamie and Ryan’s love.





Jamie Hazelton stifled the sobs welling up from deep within and listened intensely to the man lying next to her in the snug tent. Had she heard something? She’d thought her husband was asleep—in fact, that was why she’d allowed herself to give in to her feelings. She was sure he’d be oblivious. He always was.

Not that Ryan wasn’t trying. He’d suggested this camping trip to their favorite north woods lake. He’d said he wanted to reconnect with her—whatever that meant. She could tell he’d connected with the rippling lake waters, the haunting sounds of the loons and the lazy afternoons drifting in the canoe. Sometimes even she’d felt soothed and hopeful during the daytime.

Nights were another story. Not once had he reached for her and damned if she was going to be the one to take the first step. Too much pain. Maybe they should just pack up and go home and face the facts—there was nothing left.

More tears. Jamie buried her face in the rolled up sweatshirt that doubled for a pillow and froze—that was a sound coming from Ryan’s direction. What was he doing? She squeezed her eyes shut tight and lay stock still. Hell would freeze over before she’d let him know she was awake.

She heard the tent zipper open and felt the rush of cool night air all in the same instant. Where was he going in the middle of the night? Startled, she lifted her head and opened her eyes. A tiny sliver of night sky was visible through the open tent flap—and it was pulsating with light.

“Jamie. Wake up. You've got to see this.” Ryan’s voice was a whisper.

Did he really want her to join him? She hugged herself against the chill, grabbed her sweatshirt and crawled out of the tent.

Ryan’s hands were reaching for her, so she took them and let him pull her to a stand. Tall columns of color—multiple hues of greens, blues, reds, yellows and occasional whites—fell in a shimmering waterfall connecting sky and lake. The colors danced across the entire dome of the sky. She’d never seen anything like it.

They stood hand in hand for a long minute, then wordlessly walked down to the lakeshore and sat side by side on a low rock. Shrouded in rising mist, the lake seemed to hover between earth and sky with no boundary. Jamie lost herself in the throbbing rhythms of the dancing light.

“This is what I’ve been missing,” she heard herself say. “It feels like magic, like time is suspended. I wish we could catch and hold this moment forever.”

“I know,” Ryan replied. “It's been difficult remembering such moments. I sometimes wonder what else we've forgotten.”

You have each forgotten how to love.”

Jamie gasped and squeezed Ryan's hand. “Who said that?”

Ryan shook his head.

I, said that.”

Jamie watched in awe as the mist swirled and collected into the shape of a stunning female. The image pirouetted as if to prove she was much more than a vision. Jamie tried not to stare— the woman’s copper skin was barely concealed in a gauzy white gown. Jamie could make out dark nipples on her pendulous breasts as the image floated closer.

“You two need help.” The phantom shook her head, sending her long dark hair flying. “Your marriage is crumbling. You care for each other, but you've forgotten how to love—if you ever truly knew how.”

“Who are you?” Ryan jumped to his feet.

“My name is Aria. I am a goddess of love and I have come to show you how to love.”



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