Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sex Drive's a word that can make you shift uncomfortably or squirm in delight. Birds and bees do it. Animals and Humans do it. Obviously, certain parts of a man and woman's body were made to fit together. With thousands of nerve endings located in the nether regions, there's good reason to believe we were made for pleasure. With all of this enjoyment to be had, why do some couples still have dry spells?

Libido...what is it? This refers to a person's desire for sex. It varies greatly from one person to another. Some people want hot sex, and want it often. Imagine if the entire world had the same active libido. We'd get nothing else done. Hmm, would that be so terrible? Did you know that women and men peak at different ages? Men reach peak sexual drive in their teens. Women reach it much later, in their thirties. That can explain a lot.

So, what can happen if you are missing or losing your sex drive? In any relationship, intimacy between partners is as important as verbal communication and trust. If the bed is growing cold, it could be time to search out new ways to spice up life. These are some things I've  learned about sex drive.

1. Go to the doctor and make sure all of the pipes are working properly. Sometimes underlying issues can cause a decrease in one's sex drive.

2. Although alcohol can get relieve stress and relax you and one drink can help you get into the mood, it's possible the flame will be lost. Alcohol is a depressant.

3. Try out new foods that can trigger the libido. Oysters, Licorice, Asparagus. And take vitamins to keep up your energy and nutrients.

4. Sorry to tell you smokers, this could be a huge issue when it comes to sex drive. Smoking narrows the blood vessels and can make certain areas of the body flaccid. Flaccid and sex drive don't mix. If winky dink is more on the dinky side, you may want to question if smoking is a culprit.

5. Working out regularly not only improves your ego, but it also increases sex drive. How? Well, exercise increases blood flow, which is a very, very good thing.

6. Who doesn't like a massage? It can do wonders for stress relief, and sexual arousal. Key point, relax and let your partner's fingers work magic.

7. Take time for yourself. Loving yourself is a mood booster, therefore, making it easier to make others happy.

Enjoy each other :)


  1. Orgasmic Diet anyone? Am I seriously the only person who knows about this? I learned about it when I had trouble in that area after baby #2.

    The diet is easy:
    (1) lots of protein
    (2) a high dose, high quality liquid fish oil ~ 5000 mg per day
    (3) dark chocolate
    Works like a charm. I use 3 tsp of Carlson's fish oil daily and chase it with a couple of dark chocolates. SO worth it! Just ask my husband.

    You can't cheat with nasty fish oil pills - they aren't even close on the dosage and make you burp fish, which kind of counteracts the intended effect. Not to mention, it helps lower your cholesterol. Win-win.

    1. I'm a dark chocolate fan myself. I love it and I eat it daily. Protein is also a plus. Thx for sharing, Stella ;)