Thursday, March 14, 2013 say?

I'm an erotica writer so that should tell you I love sex scenes. Hotter the better. I also love reading a good naughty scene that sticks in my mind through the day. If a writer is good enough, I'll have a crush on the author for a day or two.

I've even read some great same-sex scenes, I just don't write them. Not to say I never will, but just not now. I'm not one to say that a writer should place limitations on how "far" they'll go in a sex scene, but I can say, there are just some things I don't least not yet.

I was editing Second Ride Cowboy, I came to a heated scene, and as written, Duke turned Lila around and bent her over the chair and had backdoor pleasure. Some of you may shrug and say, "okay, and?!?" Problem is, I don't write backdoor pleasure. Some writers do, some don't. I'm not for it or against it. I love experimenting, but my hero and heroine don't have to do "everything." If my readers want to imagine that he enters her somewhere besides the vajay-jay, then I'm doing what I set out to do as a writer--embellish your fantasy. Why don't I write "backdoor-booty-call"? Most of my characters are going through a "dry-spell" and when they meet this is usually the first time in a long time for each of them. I'm not saying all of my characters are" involuntarily" celibate, but most are for different reasons, mainly because of a traumatic event. For instance, Duke was in a coma for eighteen months. No sex happening there. In With Honor, Shawn was deployed in Iraq. No sex there, at least with a partner. So, back to my point, in my stories my characters are full of need and desire, at the same time overcoming events in their lives. And simply put, if the "frontdoor" is unused and becomes tight, well, the "backdoor" would be quite hard to open--in my opinion.  I know, I know, it's fantasy. But, here is another thought, when a couple explores the "backdoor" the "tool" can't be stuck in other openings. And honestly, I don't find it sexy if the heroine must tell the hero, "Go wash then come back."

Sure, there are scenes in my books that other writers probably cringe at also. Example, my heroines swallow. They also don't mind kissing the hero after he has visited downtown. Different opinions make the world go around.

So, no, you won't find anal sex in Second Ride Cowboy. If it would have fit, no pun intended, I would have kept it--but it just didn't.

Are there any sex scenes that make you cringe? I'm curious...

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