Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Man 101

As I was researching material for my latest work-in-progress (regarding how often women compliment their man) I started wondering...how often do I compliment my man? Not enough, I assure you. However, how often does he compliment me? I'm a lucky gal, that's all I can say. And I lap it up like chocolate.

I can think of one reason why I should compliment my guy and often. There is nothing sexier than a smile. But compliments can't just happen for no reason. You need a perfect compliment for the right moment.

1. Ask a guy his opinion then thank him, and be sure to add a wink and a smile to make him feel like his chest is pumped.

2. Did he wash laundry? Pick up after himself? Put down the toilet seat? Tell him how appreciative you are. Not because he deserves a thank you for helping, but just let him know you do notice when he does awesome things.

3. His body. So what if you can't bounce a quarter off his stomach...can he off yours? LOL. It's not happening on this tummy, either. But there are many things that I love about my man's body.And I love knowing that he knows that I notice.

4. Other women notice him. Yes, it happens...a lot. There's nothing that can make a woman sit up and take notice quicker than another woman examining her man. Most women probably don't get jealous when her man is appreciated by another. In fact, it gives her a boost of pride; therefore, giving her flash reality that another woman would be glad to take him off her hands. Not going to happen...moving on...

5.  Laugh at his jokes. So what if he couldn't do stand up, at least he has a sense of humor. Imagine the poor man who has none? Need I say more?

6. Does he work it? In bed? If you have a man who knows how to please between the sheets, well then, tell him often because he'll get a big head...in many ways.

7. His ability to protect you. Sure, we live in modern times and most women don't need protected, but men are socialized to protect their family. They feel good knowing they could slay the dragon if necessary. Run your hands down his arms and in your most seductive voice, say, "I bet you're good with these guns." Cheesy as it sounds, I bet he smiles.

8. Stare at him. Please don't do a stalker-ish stare that creeps him out. I'm talking about subtle peeks, yet not-so-subtle. Crawl your gaze over his body then subtly lick your lips. You'll get more than a smile and a wink. You'll get a standing ovation (if you know what I mean).

9. Compliment him to friends while he's around. Most men think women bash him to their friends. That all we do is put him down for not helping around the house. So, combat this belief by letting him overhear you ringing his bell to your friends. And if you sometimes complain to your friends that he leaves his dirty socks on the floor, be sure to never tell him.

10. How talented is he? Does he cook? I think men who know their way around a cutting board are sexy. Does he craft wood? He must be sexy with his hands. Does he paint? I bet he's sexy when he concentrates on his art. Whatever he does, compliment him.

The secret is, don't starch his feathers with a fake compliment. It must hold meaning and be the truth. Otherwise, you'll lose your credibility.

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