Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hump Day Sexy Tips

Hump day is here. So, do you want to head into the rest of the week with a big bang? Here are a few simple

1. Wear Red. No other color gets as much attention as red. Men notice it more. Women relate it to sexiness.    
Have a sheer red top? Have a pretty shade of lipstick? Wear them today.

2. Make eye contact. A quick glance lets someone know you're interested, but a long lingering gaze will step it up a notch. Flirting, and having it returned, boosts the ego.

3. Smile. It's cheap. It's easy. And there's nothing more beautiful than a smile.

4. Touch a man's arm when you're talking to him. It shows him you're fully engaged in the conversation. Want to take it up a level? Touch your collarbone with the tips of your fingers and slowly drag them downward to the collar of your shirt. Or, run your fingers through your hair.

5. Spray on a "little" fragrance. The rule of thumb is, if someone is three feet or more from you and they whiff your scent, then you've sprayed too much. It makes people think you're covering up odor. What you want is for those nearest to get a subtle hint of your scent.

6. Walk with confidence. No, I'm not suggesting you walk like you've grown a pair of balls. I'm saying straighten your shoulders, keep your eyes ahead and arms to your sides. No slouching please! Watch how dancers walk.

Most of all, love yourself and others won't be able to help but love you too.

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