Friday, March 29, 2013

The Female Orgasm

What's better than a drink of water when you're parched? Or losing ten pounds of fat and gaining muscle? Or biting into a calorie-free cheeseburger with the works? An orgasm. 

As most of you already know, I enjoy researching. In fact, it's part of the writing process. The more I learn, the better writer I become--I hope. I've been working on an erotica and as my heroine reached her place of "happiness," I wondered what purpose, besides feeling like the bomb, did orgasms have. I know it's a feeling we want, need and expect during sex. The "O" is a scientific phenomenon  But what actually happens when a woman experiences this feeling?

Well, as a woman gets closer to her "O," all of the blood flow targets her vajay-jay, much like what happens when a man gets a hard-on. The walls of her vajay-jay secretes beads of lubrication. The more excited she is, the more lubrication, and the looser she gets. The opening narrows slightly, but the upper part widens. The big "O" is when the uterus, anus and vajay-jay contract at the same moment.  The biggest "O" will last about 10-15 contractions.

Only 25% of sexually active women "always" have orgasms during sex with a partner. So why are so many women missing out? Story is, their partner picks up the physical changes and assumes the big "O" has occurred, therefore, quitting too soon. Another theory, women who worry about their appearance may be less likely to relax enough to let go. If we are concerned about our cellulite, our muffin-top or if we can perform that upside-down-head-sideways-man-on-knees position we saw in a magazine, we prevent relaxation. The best thing is, forget about all of those thoughts and let the moment carry you away.

Women who have experienced the big "O" know there's a huge difference between an external and internal "O."  For some, the external "O" is better, and others enjoy the internal more. However, if you experience both at the same time, you'll be giggling in delight.

Believe it or not, the most satisfying change happens in the brain during an "O." The cuddle hormone (oxytocin) is released and makes a woman more affectionate. New moms are high on the cuddle hormone because she gets a whole bucketful when she delivers a baby. This hormone is also related to trust. Basically, we trust more when we release oxytocin.

So, there you have it. My advice, have an orgasm and have them often.

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