Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sex toys I bet you didn't know you have

If you have an awesome sex life and have never, ever used a sex toy...that's great. You may want to stop right here and go about your day. For those who have tried sex toys, or would like to adventure into using them, please continue.  But, be prepared to giggle. Sex can be a laughing matter...and fun.

There are many "toy" sites where one can go to buy items from a dildo to anal beads to tingling creams. I write erotica and I still blush at some of the creations I see. Most of these gadgets I wouldn't waste my time or money on. But to each his/her own...

Have you ever been in a playful mood and wanted to experiment? Here are some things around the house that may remind you of those expensive toys from popular sites.

1. Before vibrators were born, what did women use? I'm going to guess they used a pulsating shower head, or a multi-dial head. I bet this is still the go-to gadget in a time of desperate need.

2. The washer and dryer. Warmth, vibrating, spin cycle and the perfect height. Washing laundry will never have the same meaning.

3. Cell phone. Sexting has become popular. Have you ever sent your lover a hot text? Or, have you taken a picture of yourself and sent it? Here are tips: don't include your face and don't get a full naked body shot. It's much sexier to give him a glimpse of your breasts, your bottom or other places.

4. Back massager--available at any store. I bet my eye teeth that they aren't used by most people for back only.Bonus: Big handles and nubs.

5. Electric toothbrush. Designed for those hard to reach areas. Soft bristles for comfort. A handle for support. Rechargeable for less battery usage. Some even have nubby backs. Hard on tartar but easy on the lips.

6. Silky scarfs or blankets. Who doesn't love soft material against their skin? Especially when naked? Lay on a soft blanket or use it to rub those areas of the body that are sensitive.


  1. Rhonda,

    I'll never look at my electric toothbrush without giggling again!

    Thanks for the smile, and I'm guessing your romance heroes are some happy guys.

    Cathryn Cade

  2. Thx, Cathryn. Bringing smiles is what I love. Stop in again :))