Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Secrets of an erotic writer

I'm an erotic romance writer...

I write steamy sex scenes, yet I still blush when a stranger flirts with me.

I write awesome dialogue, yet I'm still working on narrative.

I'm great at editing another writer's work, yet I always miss the mistakes in my own.

I'm a friendly person, yet I have a hard time promoting my books.

I've sold over ten contracts, yet I'm scared I'll never get another.

I don't pay much attention to bad reviews, yet the good ones always make me tingle.

I understand passive language, yet it always ends up in my work.

I love my editor's help, yet I still get pissed time to time.

I have a very strong mind, yet my characters rule.

I love to wear sexy lingerie, yet my favorite clothes are my jammies.

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