Friday, October 5, 2012

50% Writer, 50% Promoter

I'm a writer. I love to create stories. I love to hear readers compliment my work. On top of this, I'm a published writer. Therefore, I gained another duty that I'm not so hot at. A promoter. I watch other writers and I drool over their capability to catch all of the promotional opportunities. I'm lacking in this area. I need a degree in business.

If writing was just that, writing, I'd be pretty good at this career. But as all writers realize the second they sign their first contract, we can't just be writers. We must wear many hats, and writing is only a small portion of our daily activities.

Here's another issue. I don't have the greatest organizational skills. My savior is a pretty little purple and white journal that I keep by my side. I write everything down from grocery lists to school activities to doctor appointments to writing duties. If I lost it, I'd be heading down that dirty creek without a paddle. It's as sacred as my laptop.

Unfortunately, before I had my book, I'd forgotten a few of those blogging opportunities. There's nothing like pleading your case of simple forgetfullness through email. The only tidbit of information I can offer to newcomers to writing is to have your own pretty little sacred book. Then, make yourself available to the world.

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