Sunday, October 7, 2012

Revealing Rhonda

I love writing erotica. I love steamy sessions of lovemaking between hot characters. Sensual moments between two people who love one another. However, what I write isn't porn. There's a huge difference.

I've never been into porn. I'm sure that'll surprise some of you. And, I hope it doesn't destroy the image you have of me salivating over porn then sitting down and belting out pages of erotica *giggles*.

What gets my motivational juices flowing (and those steamy sex scenes) is the way my characters build up to that stage of their romance. It's a natural process. That's what I enjoy when I watch movies. I want a movie to flirt with my senses and tease my imagination. Don't give me too much visual information or, well, it's sorta destroyed for me.

When it comes to reading erotica, the juicier the better. I always love the way writers build the scene then bam... they set the scene on fire. After all, the use of words in a spectacular method is how we manage to pull readers in. We are moving away from the functional words, penis and vagina. Pleassse don't expect to ever hear, "He undressed completely and saluted her with his penis..." Penis is too, uh, medical.

Here's food for thought... I need a list of names for appendages and southern parts. I've been stuck many times trying to be creative on what to call those 'parts.' Feel free to tell me what you use.

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