Sunday, October 14, 2012

Secret Pleasures

Secret pleasures... we all have them. It's those naughty little thoughts inside our head that make us giggle. Those momenst of pleasure that we keep to ourselves. I have several of my own that I'll let you in on, that is, if you promise to keep my secrets to yourself ;)

Bridezillas is one of my secret pleasures. I watch it while I'm cleaning. One reason is, the brides are witches. I feel much better about myself after watching. Another reason, and this is sorta mean, I'm waiting for a groom to not show up for the wedding. Everyone deserves to be a little bridezilla while she's planning her wedding, but this is crazy. I also love Sister Wives. I could never be in one of those arrangements, multiple wives, but there is a certain understanding of what these women want. They want partnership, support and a huge family. The whole sharing thing, ya know in bed and all, is where I have no understanding. I mean, come on ladies, he stuck his ya-know-what in you-know-whos thingy last night. For some folks this may be a turn on, but not for me. I'm stingy when it comes to a partner's attention. Another guilty pleasure is watching old scary movies, like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Psycho... When the weather is nippy I enjoy cuddling on the couch with a blanket, a cup of hot cocoa (homemade) and a good scary movie.

Chocolate is a pleasure. I dip into the dark chocolate while I'm writing and I swear it boosts my writing. Pizza is another must-have. Lots of cheese, mild pepper rings and mushrooms. And not just any pizza will do. My fave is Giovannis. A pizza place that is an old favorite here in my town. It's been around longer than I can remember. The pizza is the best.

Ultimate Dessert Truffles Gift Box
Shoes. I love shoes. Tall boots, short boots, cowboy boots, tennis shoes, flip flops, brown shoes, black shoes, three-inch heels, two-inch heels... I have almost thirty pairs of shoes and that's not nearly enough. I even have shoes that still have tags left on them. I will eventually wear them. I'd sleep in them if I could.

Sweaters. Doesn't everyone have at least one comfy sweater that they love to snuggle in? I have two that I'll keep until they are in shreds. They're warm, soft and comfortable.

These are just a few of my favorite things. What are some of your guilty pleasures?

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