Thursday, October 18, 2012

Erogenous zones

We all know about the those areas of a woman's body that cause her to squirm in delight when they're touched: Lips, breasts, groin area...

Now let's talk about those parts of her body that don't get nearly enough attention.

1. Behind her knees
This is a sensitive area of her body. Kiss, massage, tickle... Try it out here. Be careful though. Some women are on the border between sensitive and tender. If she doesn't like touching at the back of her knees, go to the kneecap.

2. The Scalp
Honestly, I melt at the mere thought of having my head massaged. Our scalp is covered with nerve-endings. A good rubbing of the head gets the blood flowing and relieves stress. Do this as a favor tonight and you never know what you'll get in exchange.

3. The Feet
Ancient reflexology says that rubbing certain parts of the foot causes arousal. Yeah, I know, I hear some of you ecking now. If  you aren't too fond of the foot area, then stop short of the ankle. For those of you who have a sliver or more of foot fetish racing through you, this is your thing, and you've probably already ventured further than the hips. I'm talking to those of you who are unsure of what to do when you get to the tootsies. I suggest buying a book on reflexology and learning how to rub her feet in a way that sparks a craving for more than a massage. Give a little... Receive a lot.

4. The Buttocks
If you're a butt fan, like I know most of you are, here's your secret weapon. A buttastically awesome massage. Some like their backside massaged firmly, lightly or even scratched. The area where the small of the back meets the cheeks is sensitive on most women. I believe women can be a little shy when it comes to this part of their body, so tread carefully and with lots of words of appreciation.

What's most important is that a woman loves her body and is comfortable with having you explore all of her regions. Make her feel special and tell her she's beautiful. Delight in her womanly curves and tell her what you like. Above all, enjoy one another. 

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